Shalom Joe and Efrat

I received my tallit set today and have to admit,  I got teary-eyed when I opened the package. It’s exquisitely beautiful! Efrat, you are truly an accomplished artist.

I must have looked at hundreds and hundreds of tallitot on line, and when I came across this one (T-1924) I said to myself, “This beautiful tallit set was made for me!”

You are the best on this planet!

Our adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah is scheduled for Shavuot, Sunday, May 20th and I will be so proud to be wearing this “fringed garment” made by you.

Toda Raba,  Julie from VA, USA

We received the tallit this afternoon.

They are absolutely beautiful, and Noah and Jacob love them. They’ve sent several pictures of them to their grandparents already. They will wear them proudly on their b’nai mitzvah and for years to come.

Thank you so much for all of your help. It was a pleasure working with you.

Take good care, Michelle

Raut, Joel & Efrat,

We received the Tallit today. They are beautiful and we are excited to wear them to synagogue.

Thank you for creating these tallit for us.

We are proud to wear “Eretz” as our choice of tallis

Richard & Susan

Shalom from snow city. The tallit arrived yesterday afternoon and despite the weather mom came over first thing this morning. When she looked at the tallit she started to cry and when she read your email she cried more. Since the bnai mitzvah is on Sunday there will be plenty of pictures and she said she would give me some to forward to you.

I can’t thank you enough for sending the tallit. The check is written and will be in the mail tomorrow. Thank everyone for me but again i know it was you who got it going. Look forward to seeing Raut in May and hope to see you and Efrat at the New York show in august. Miriam

Many, many thanks! This was a real mitzvah. The boy is so, so happy. They are twins (the girl has her Eretz tallit) the boy (who has some special needs) just couldn’t get it together). I really appreciate your help. We look forward to seeing Raut in May and we plan on going to the New York show in August. … Again my thanks to you.

Hello there !
You definitely have the most beautiful tallit in the world. My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is October 20th which is just around the corner. I have been looking for your tallit everywhere to buy. Would you please help me find it in the US or send one to me via Federal Express. ….

I am looking for the tallis you feature on your web site at the very bottom of the page in the lower left hand corner. It is ivory wool. Young adult size. With silver beaded embroidery.( or if you have any new styles that are essentially monochromatic with ivories, whites, creams and silver ) Please let me know if it would be possible for me to purchase this beautiful tallit as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Samara Hutman, California 

Happy to hear that our order #1958 (the year I was born!!) is almost completed – I was not expecting the shipment so soon, but will be happy to receive it by mid-August in plenty of time to put it out in the shop for our pre-High holiday shoppers! Todah Rabah – your merchandise is always top quality! I look forward to another year of selling your beautiful tallitot and Judaica items in our shop!

You are all in our thoughts and prayers ~ Rochelle Iserson


Dear Joe and Efrat, also to Raut,

Thanks! You are the “greatest”! You will be creating much excitement for Elena Talis in Palo Alto when she receives her package!

We love you!

Karen Gilman

Dear Efrat,

Yes, somehow I think of one of the Patriarchs wearing that fabric in the desert …

Are you the designer? If so, it is a pleasure to meet such a talented woman. I too used to be in the fashion business. I have greatly admired your work from the day your son first showed it to me. (And by the way, he is certainly a well-mannered and engaging young man.) You have a beautiful sense of style and color that make your tallits just gorgeous! Also, they are always designed in a conservative and high class manner that lend dignity to their purpose. I am very proud to carry them in our temple’s shop and I am especially proud that an Israeli woman designs them. Keep up the great work!


Betsy Hershman

Dear Joe,

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and quick reply. … We look forward to receiving your pieces.

It was a pleasure meeting with Raut. He is incredibly well organized and always filled with many, many choices. We will look forward to his next visit.

Again, thank you for working with us.

Ava Maxwell


I am curious how many color combinations does the wool embroidered tallit come in? This is the tallit with graduated colors and embroidery and some sequins.

I appreciate your efforts in assisting me.

Your wife’s work and attention to details is a delight to see and hopefully my purchase soon.

We purchased one your tallits today. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your wife’s talent and beautiful workmanship.

paula in ga.

Paula Freedman, in Atlanta

 Hi Joe, Nice to hear from you. We always love Raut’s visits…I remember the first time you brought him as he was just getting the hang of doing what you had been doing for so many years! Now he’s an expert! …Love your products, as always. Unfortunately because our store is so small, we can never buy as much as we would like.

I know that I did love your daughters earrings…ALL of them! …

Best to you and the family.


Lindy Passer

Shana Tova to you and your family!! I am sooo impressed the quality of service from you! Thank you soooo much! Again, the cloths are just beautiful! Do you put them on your online site?

Joe & Efrat:

Our son’s Bar Mitzvah is this weekend.

Both tallitot look beautiful.

Thank you for your beautiful love that you

put into making these pieces of art.


Roxanne Rebarber-Levinston

 Hello Joe,

Hope this email finds you and your family well. We are thinking about all of our friends in Israel at this time.

The package with the beautiful tallit arrived and I was thrilled to add them to our inventory.

We … sold the T-92. I was sad to see it go, as it was an all-time favorite of mine. We sold it to a very special customer so that made it ok.



 To all Judaica Shop Buyers in the Southeast,

For all of you who are familiar with Eretz – Fashionable Judaica and Joel

Schwartz, an American who has lived his adult life in Israel,

He only shows at the NY Gift Fair — he designs and his wife sews

the most magnificent tallises imaginable. …. Their best items, in my

humble opinion, are their women’s tallises (although they do a good job with the more masculine styles too) with unique fabric insets, some with pearls and others with gorgeous lace, creating a light, easy to wear garment. They use beautiful background fabrics from France and make their tallises one at a time. When the fabric is gone, they move on and you’ll never see it again. These are truly designer prayer-wear.

If any of you who are in the Miami/Ft.

Again, if you don’t get to NY, this is a terrific

opportunity for you to see these products locally.

Happy Chanukah to all,

Ronni Udoff, Atlanta


 Joe we received it today thanks very much and the two customers have already picked them up. Thanks so much I and my customers appreciate your wonderful service …

Chag Sameach



My parents recently purchased an Eretz tallit for my son for his bar mitzvah.  They were trying to pick the correct size so that he doesn’t outgrow it too quickly. …

Regardless of length, the tallit is absolutely beautiful!!!!  It is very elegant and rich looking.  It is very beautiful

Best regards,


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